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Ori Moonlight Market is not your everyday Holiday Market. It’s the night market to satisfy all your naughty, quirky, and sparkly shopping needs. Zroob and the family enjoyed the carefully curated merchandise and hip crowd.

There were groovy vintage suits for stylish space and time travelers


There were unique jewelry for urban princesses


There were even Pornaments by Costumegasm – so your Christmas tree gets to wear condoms too


Bettie and Jennifer were as sparkly as their swag


There was the quirkiest hats selection


I love funny hats, and these might be the funniest hats I’ve seen


There were naughty XXXmas coloring cards Illustrated by Quincy Anna. So funny and cute!


What’s more attractive than a sense of humor and talent? 😉


Even the Art Rising crew were there, selling items of their colorful Samaki collection


Festive silver holiday look to fill this winter with light and smiles


Even our sweet little baby enjoyed Ori Moonlight Market


Our son might have been the only baby at the event, but he wasn’t the only one wearing a furry onesie


And here’s Erica, the designer and producer of this event with her original garments. Thank you for bringing all this coolness together! Holiday season is a great time to support and inspire local art.


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