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The Art Rising is a social art movement merging east and west, ancient and modern.

This past Friday, they held Voyage, a pretty remarkable immersive art event at Lot 45 in Bushwick.

The Artists who run the collective are the kind-hearted and highly gifted wandering couple – Angeline Chen and Kyle Block


The art that they make is wild, fun, colorful, naive yet sophisticated














I had the pleasure immersing myself in their art with my camera and third eye. Thank you for my new friend Mimi, that took the best selfie of me from that evening!


Here’s a selfie of you, Mimi, I took while you were posting


There was a collaborative painting – which I tried to pink-up as much as I could!



There was music, sweet music
There was a steaming-hot dance performance by Kristina Cheranova and Akil Davis


The Art Rising sure know how to through an immersive art event, but the best part is that they do it for some honorable causes


Original items of their collection “Samaki (ancient Khmer for Unity) were available to purchase at the Voyage event, as well as the most colorful fashion items I’ve ever seen

The proceeds from this collection will be allocated to fund clean water systems in a village in Cambodia, create a sculptural site in the ocean in Thailand for planting coral, build a playground in a Burmese refugee camp and bring art therapy to schools, villages and refugee camps.


Maybe I’m just exaggerating because I don’t go out as much these days, but I think this was a great event. It had everything a good event needs. Visionary art, top of the line DJs, VR station, carefully curated performances and meaningful causes

Voyage got me inspired, showing me new ways to make a social impact with art and travel. I’m going to follow up with The Art Rising, because they’re creative forces are strong, their hearts are in the right place, and frankly I can’t wait to see that underwater sculpture garden blossoming with young corals. Hopefully with my own 3 eyes.



Until then, I hope I get the chance to go out to Lot 45 again this upcoming Thursday, for Ori Moonlight Market. Cause if I’m doing any shopping this holiday, I want it to be unique items from local alternative artists. At Ori I know I’m gonna get that – with world-class aerialists and DJs sprinkled on top. Recommended and free!


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